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This book reflects the vigorous interest in studies of business discourses and cultures emerging from various Asian communities. It also records the diversity of methodological approaches, ontological perspectives and topics characterising a number of studies conducted by Asian and Western scholars on cultural and linguistic strategies and preferences identifiable in Asian or Asian-Western business. Summary: Reflecting the vigorous interest in studies of business discourses and cultures emerging from various Asian communities, this text examines linguistic, textual, cultural and pragmatic issues pertaining to the subject. While previous research on business communication has focused on specific linguistic or rhetorical features, this study offers new insight through the incorporation of socio-economic, historical, and cultural elements in the analysis, and by taking a dynamic view of language, human beings and organisations. Asian Business Discourse s has its origins in the West, but has acquired its own localized expressions that reflect the specifics of this geographical and sociopolitical region.

Description: Reflecting the vigorous interest in studies of business discourses and cultures emerging from various Asian communities, this text examines linguistic, textual, cultural and pragmatic issues pertaining to the subject. Asian business discourses. Bern: Peter Lang. Bern: Peter Lang. This volume showcases new linguistic and cultural studies of aspects of communication in Asian business contexts.

Jul 19, 2020 · Discourse & Communication is an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles in the cross-disciplinary fields of discourse studies and communication studies. Published quarterly, it focuses on the qualitative, discourse analytical study of organizational and mass communication. Korean communication, media, and culture: an annotated bibliography, edited by Kyu Ho Youm and Nojin Kwak, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2020, 374 pp., $42.99 paperback, ISBN: 978-1. Studies in Language and Communication. Edited By Maurizio Gotti. This series aims to promote specialist language studies, both in the fields of linguistic theory and applied linguistics, by publishing volumes that focus on specific aspects of language use in one or several languages and provide valuable insights into language and communication research. ISI Task Force for CCA List of Journals in Communication Field Updated 9-22-14 Name of Journal Included in ISI Advertising & Society Review No Africa Media Review No American Journalism Review No American Journalism No American Journal of Media Psychology No Argumentation—International Society for the Study of Argumentation Yes Argumentation.

Asian business discoursesAn introduction.

The study contributes to current research efforts in English discourse in business contexts in an influential Asian country like Indonesia by looking at CT’s use of English as a foreign language. Asian Business Discourses is an enterprise with Western antecedents but with increasingly localized expressions, which reflect the concerns and expectations of specific geo-political and socio-economic locales Bargiella-Chiappini, in press, emphasis in original. The publications listed in this section have been instrumental in shaping the field of business discourse. Many of them also present empirical research that has helped to build up our current body of knowledge on how people in business organizations use language in order to get their work done. What Krashen's theory tells us is that discourse, as part of implicit language instruction, actually plays a different role in language learning than explicit instruction. The emphasis in. Apr 07, 2013 · In Asian cultures, someone who has a “good face” simply referred to as face has a good reputation with his or her peers, business colleagues, and community. Having face is a bankable notion that is literally a statement of a person’s value. 19. Asian cultures are typically gift-giving cultures.

2005, Asian business discourses / Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini & Maurizio Gotti eds. Peter Lang Bern; Oxford Wikipedia Citation Please see Wikipedia's template documentation for further citation fields that may be required. This new edition of Introduction to Discourse Studies IDS is a thoroughly revised and updated version of this successful textbook, which has been published in four languages and has become a must-read for anyone interested in the analysis of texts and discourses.Supported by an international advisory board of 14 leading experts, it deals with all main subdomains in discourse studies, from. ..This article uses an alternative method—discourse analysis—to observe what actually occurs in terms of communication practices in intercultural decision-making meetings, specifically those involving U.S.-born native English speakers and participants from East Asian countries. Previous discourse studies in this area suggest that differences in communication practices may be attributed to power differentials or language competence. The Journal of Asian Pacific Communication JAPC is an international journal whose academic mission is to bring together specialists from diverse scholarly disciplines to discuss and interpret language in communication issues as they pertain to people of Asian Pacific regions and in their immigrant communities worldwide. Jan 30, 2020 · Discourse studies look at the form and function of language in conversation beyond its small grammatical pieces such as phonemes and morphemes. This field of study, which Dutch linguist Teun van Dijk is largely responsible for developing, is interested in how larger units of language—including lexemes, syntax, and context—contribute.

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The Handbook of Business Discourse is the most comprehensive overview of the field to date. It offers an accessible and authoritative introduction to a range of historical, disciplinary, methodological and cultural perspectives on business discourse and addresses many of the pressing issues facing a growing, varied and increasingly international field of research. Jul 09, 2020 · About this journal. Discourse Studies is an international peer-reviewed journal for the study of text and talk. Publishing outstanding work on the structures and strategies of written and spoken discourse, special attention is given to cross-disciplinary studies of text and talk in linguistics, anthropology, ethnomethodology, cognitive and social psychology, communication studies and law. “Because of its timely focus on the evolution of discourse studies in contemporary China, this book is a much welcomed addition to the existing literature on discourse and communication research.presents a ground-breaking theoretical and practical model which argues convincingly on the benefits of a non-Western paradigm for discourse invaluable resource that will appeal.

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