Aspects of European Monetary Integration: The Politics of Convergence A. Watson »

Aspects of European Monetary Integration: The Politics of Convergence [Watson, A.] on. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Aspects of European Monetary Integration: The Politics of Convergence. Aspects of European Monetary Integration The Politics of Convergence. Authors: Watson, A. what is the relationship between the economics and politics of the convergence criteria; second, how do domestic and international factors impact upon their future realisation; and third what, overall, is the role of the state. ALISON M. S. WATSON. This book provides a thorough knowledge of the nature of the convergence criteria which states must meet in order to qualify for accession to the future Economic and Monetary Union of Europe and comprehensive coverage of both the economic and political rationale of the criteria within the framework of an international political economy approach. Get this from a library! Aspects of European monetary integration: the politics of convergence. [Alison M S Watson].

Aspects of European Monetary Integration: The Politics of Convergence By Alison Martha Scott Watson Publisher: Macmillan Publishers incl. Palgrave, Picador. European monetary integration has at times been propelled, at times been hindered by political motives and developments. Political motivations were already of great importance for the first stage of European economic and monetary integration in the framework of the OEEC and the European Payments Union in the forties and fifties. From all appearances the process of European monetary unification continues to gather momentum. Nearly four years have passed since the last significant realignment of exchange rates of members within the European monetary system EMS. All significant controls on capital movements among member countries have been removed. Monetary union in Europe started in 1999. The fiscal policy implications are, in many ways, more complex than the monetary issues. This book contains 11 papers and three review essays, which analyze a spectrum of empirical, theoretical, institutional and political aspects of the design and impact of fiscal policy in EMU. The contributors are experienced analysts in the field.

The course aims to introduce students to key aspects of the political economy of EU integration. It first examines, based on key economic concepts and theories, the political economy of European economic integration with a particular emphasis on its trade, monetary and growth dimensions as well as the degree of economic convergence that. Apr 01, 1996 · EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW ELSEVR European Economic Review 40 1996 1091-1101 Monetary union and convergence economics Paul De Grauwe A'at/!o^/x Untfer^tfeZ^uue^t, ^VaaftM^

This is resounding proof that Spain benefits from the European Union in general, and the Economic and Monetary Union created by the euro area in particular. The annual growth in per capita income between 1977 and 1985, one year before Spain joined the EU, was 0.7%, well below the 1.8% enjoyed by the countries that would go on to form the euro area.

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