Causal Reasoning: A Systems Approach (Studies in Cybernetics) J. C. Francis »

Get this from a library! Causal reasoning: a systems approach. [John Charles Francis]. Abstract. Probabilistic causal reasoning plays a major role in many decision support systems DSS, including systems based on classical decision analysis, influence diagrams, fault tree analysis, and expert systems. Causal reasoning in DSS is often modeled as a series of subjective unconditional, conditional and/or joint probabilities. Jan 21, 2015 · Causal composition allows people to generate new causal relations by combining existing causal knowledge. We introduce a new computational model of such reasoning, the force theory, which holds that people compose causal relations by simulating the processes that join forces in the world, and compare this theory with the mental model theory Khemlani et al., 2014 and the causal model theory.

The paper addresses the issues of models for diagnostic reasoning based on abductive analysis of causal structures. A ba. Skip to Main Content. D. Heckerman and J.S. Breese, Causal independence for probability assessment and inference using Bayesian networks, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Part A: Systems and Humans, 26, 6, 826, 1996. Therefore, even though reasoning and simulation systems that utilize a single modeling paradigm are the current norm, we explore a multimodel approach in this paper.

A very similar approach to the study of diagnostic reasoning has been taken in medical philosophy [3]. Diagnosis has been defined as the act to seek, isolated from the application context, the attributes necessary for classification of a "case." The theoretical basis has been influenced by the causal. C. Zhang, B. Chen, and J. Pearl "A Simultaneous Discover-Identify Approach to Causal Inference in Linear Models," UCLA Cognitive Systems Laboratory, Technical Report R-491-L, December 2019. Extended version of paper accepted to the Proceedings of the Thirty-fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence AAAI-2020. J.R. Josephson, B. Chandrasekaran, J.W. Smith and M.C. Tanner, "A Mechanism for Forming Composite Explanatory Hypotheses," IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Special Issue on Causal and Strategic Aspects of Diagnostic Reasoning, May/June 1987, pp. 445-454. Aug 01, 1990 · B. Kuipers, Qualitative simulation as causal explanation, IEEE Trans. Systems Man Cybernetics SMC 17 1987 432-444. [15] W.J. Long, Reasoning about state from causation and time in a medical domain, Proc. AAAI-83 1983 251-254. [16].

Causal Reasoning: A Systems Approach (Studies in Cybernetics) J. C. Francis

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