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Jun 02, 2011 · GCSE Mathematics C Graduated Assessment. OCR Oxford Cambridge and RSA is a leading UK awarding body, providing a wide range of. final answer or a correct intermediate stage. 5. Subject to 4, two situations may be indicated on the mark scheme conditioning the award of. OCR GCSE Maths Specification at a Glance OCR GCSE maths assessment overview. Students are entered for either foundation tier paper 01, paper 02 and paper 03 or higher tier paper 04, paper 05 and paper 06. Key features of the OCR GCSE maths specification.

Editable planning document for year nine transition from key stage 3 Maths to GCSE J560. XLS 1MB; A guide to curriculum planners. A guide to using the editable curriculum planners. PDF 161KB; Revision checklist foundation tier. Revision checklist for foundation tier GCSE 9-1 Maths students, listing the required content and including space for. 3 Content mapping: GCSE Mathematics B J567 to legacy GCSE Mathematics C J517 Modules Introduction This document is to assist teachers using the Mathematics C Graduated Assessment J517 specification in starting to teach the new Mathematics B J567 specification, for first teaching from September 2010. Aug 03, 2001 · A guide to the GCSE OCR graduated assessment syllabus C. The text has parallel calculator and non-calculator exercises, to reflect the introduction of a non-calculator paper. There is a chapter on OCR-marked coursework tasks, as well as chapters that offer development of other topics with a "Using and applying maths" approach. legacy specifications that do allow them to certificate GCSE Maths early: 1. Legacy GCSE Maths A – J512 linear, taking two papers 2. Legacy GCSE Maths B – J519 MEI, taking one modular paper and one terminal paper 3. Legacy GCSE Maths C – J517 graduated assessment, taking two module tests and one terminal paper.

3a b c x= –2·3 to –2·2, 0 or 2·2 to 2·3. 4a b c x = 1·5 5a b c 6 a iii b iv c ii d i 7 0·8 8 0·56 9a b i 0·0625 ii 0·555 10 a b i ii = 11 12 a b = c = 13 a x = b x = 1·5 c x = 4 d x = e x = 72 f x = 41 g x = 6·2 h x = 2·5 i x = 7 j x = –9 14 a x 4 b x 12 c x 4 d x –1 e x 10 f x 6 g x –1·5 h x 4·6 3– 8 8– 9 1– 4. 214 Exercise 6.2H page 21 1a75cm3 b 40cm3 c 46·8cm3 d 13·8cm3 2a39·3cm3 b 127cm3 c 61·6cm3 d 311·7cm3 3 a 408cm3 b 2140mm3 4 19·9cm 5 8·95cm 6 405cm3 7 6·45cm 7 Upper and lower bounds Exercise 7.1H page 24 1a125·0cm b 29·49seconds 2 a124·8cm b 29·47seconds 3a38m b 0·299kg 4a36m b 0·297kg 5 5 hours 1 minute, 4 hours 59 minutes 6 1505·5mm,.

270 Answers to Homework Book 7 Graduated Assessment for OCR GCSE Mathematics © Hodder Murray 2007 7 STAGE Exercise 6.4H page 17 1 a = 113º 2 b = 65º 3 c = 76º 4. Graduated Assessment for OCR GCSE Mathematics © Hodder Murray 2007 257 Answers to Homework Book 6 STAGE 6 2a490·1mm b 245·0mm c 27·6m d 17·3m Exercise 11.2H. 192 4 Equations and inequalities Exercise 4.1H page 8 1 x = 4 11 x = 1 2 x = 20 12 x = 3 x = 6 13 x = 15 4 x = 14 x = 12 5 x = 35 15 x = 6 6 x = 8 16 x = 2 7 x = 50.

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