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Both petitions relate to housing stock transfer. The Executive considers the housing stock transfer ballot in Glasgow to be valid and is content that it was conducted in line with all statutory requirements. It would, of course, be open to the petitioners to challenge the validity of the ballot in the courts. Nov 09, 2006 · Housing stock transfer is privatisation of publicly owned, publicly financed housing by the back door. Councils' propaganda is costing a fortune—£0.25 million in Edinburgh and £70,000 in Inverclyde. The situation is both desperate and comic. The leaflet on the transfer in Inverclyde has two. Housing Stock Transfer PE829 10:07. The Convener: Item 2 is consideration of new petitions, the first of which is PE829, from Mrs Anne Ayres, on behalf of the Carntyne Winget residents association. The petition calls on the Scottish Parliament to consider and debate the impact of the housing stock transfer on Scottish communities.

Meeting papers for 12 September 2019: Part 1 2.57KB pdf Part 2 2.27KB pdf Part 3 2.03KB pdf Part 4 late paper 302KB pdf Part 5 late paper 998KB pdf Official Report of Meeting 12 September 2019. Minute of meeting on Thursday 12 September 2019 47.6KB pdf June 2019 19th Meeting, Thursday 27. Housing benefit reform, which has not been mentioned at all during this debate, is the second major issue that I wish to highlight, although I cannot go into it in detail in four minutes. Unfortunately, it is a reserved matter. I would like it to be transferred to the Scottish Parliament as part of our responsibility for housing.

If it does not, the Committee believes that the Scottish Parliament should be given the powers and resources to abolish it. 56. ANNEXE A: EXTRACT FROM MINUTES OF THE WELFARE REFORM COMMITTEE. 13 th Meeting, 2012 Session 4 Tuesday 13 November 2012. Universal Credit - housing issues: The Committee took evidence on housing. Aug 05, 2013 · Report commissioned by the Scottish Parliament. Burkitt, H 2012 Housing Benefit and Under Occupation: the impacts of proposed reforms. Affinity Sutton HA and CCHPR. Paper presented at Housing Studies Association, York, April. Chartered Institute of Housing/Circle Housing 2013 Welfare Reform – how are landlords preparing? A Summary of. This paper evaluates, through a fourfold framework, the extent to which devolution in Great Britain has enhanced the organisational accountability of housing associations three years after the. An Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision about housing, including provision about homelessness and the allocation of housing accommodation by social landlords, the tenants of social landlords, the regulation of social landlords, Scottish Homes, the strategic housing functions of the Scottish Ministers and local authorities and grants for improvement and repairs; and for connected. The Scottish Executive unveils plans to transfer a quarter of all rented housing from councils to RSLs through stock transfer. 2000 The new millennium sees political pressure for cuts.

Housing Stock Transfer: Evidence Pt. 2 (Scottish Parliament Papers) Great Britain: Scottish Parliament

reforms to the Local Housing Allowance for claimants in private rented housing. Both the Scottish and Welsh Governments have also taken steps to increase DHP funding to mitigate the impact of welfare reforms. Measures in the. Scotland Act 2016. have given the Scottish Parliament legislative competence to develop its own DHP scheme. The main problem about financial viability concerns borrowing powers. If the Scottish Parliament is to get them, the UK Government will have some kind of responsibility, given that this will all count as UK borrowing in international and European statistics, whether as the Scottish Parliament. The Committee draws this evidence and its concern to the attention of the UKBA, and also to the the Secretary of State for Scotland who indicated to the Committee Convener at a meeting with Scottish Parliament Committee Conveners on 17 June 2010, that he would pursue any concerns the Committee has with the UKBA. Act of Parliament/Act of the Scottish Parliament. An Act of Parliament or of the Scottish Parliament in areas which are devolved creates a new law or changes an existing law. Each Act is given a name which identifies it generally by topic, and year in which it was made. For example: Housing Scotland Act 2001. Action Plan.

The Committee believes that the Presiding Officer and the Parliament should reflect on whether issues of confidentiality supersede the right of committees and the Scottish Parliament to hold to account those responsible for the management of public funds where there is a refusal to provide information. 2nd Report, 2009 Session 3 Report on the legislative consent memorandum on the Equality Bill LCMS3 20.1. Remit and membership. Remit: The remit of the Equal Opportunities Committee is to consider and report on matters relating to equal opportunities and upon the observance of equal opportunities within the Parliament. ANNEXE K - ORAL AND ASSOCIATED WRITTEN EVIDENCE: COMMUNITIES COMMITTEE. 16 th Meeting 2004 Session 2, 28 April 2004 - Written Evidence. SUBMISSION FROM THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF HOUSING IN SCOTLAND. The Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland CIH welcomes this opportunity to offer its views to the Communities Committee on the Scottish.

Through the case study of the 2003 Glasgow housing stock transfer, this paper. 4 In 1999 the devolved Scottish Parliament was. initiative into a central part of government policy for. Nov 06, 2012 · 6 Nov 2012: Column 535W. Databases. Sir Paul Beresford: To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what progress her Department has made in developing the Home Office data hub; how many police forces have provided all the data that they are required to provide to the data hub; and if she will make a statement. [126627] Damian Green [holding answer 5 November 2012]: 42 out. Scottish Affairs Committee - Minutes of Evidence HC 1093 Oral Evidence Taken before the Scottish Affairs Committee on Tuesday 16 April 2013 Members present: Mr Ian Davidson Chair Mike Crockart. Graeme Morrice. Pamela Nash. Sir James Paice. Mr Alan Reid. Lindsay Roy. Listing of all recently released Scottish Government publications including: advice and guidance, agreements, consultations, statistical reports, corporate reports, research findings, FOI releases, EIR releases and transparancy data. Use filters to show results that match your interests. May 01, 2020 · On 29 January 2020 the European Parliament voted 621 for, 49 against, and 13 abstain to consent to the Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community. The legislative resolution and texts adopted can be found here.

Jun 08, 2015 · The Human Rights Act is embedded in Scotland’s devolution settlement, and while it remains for the UK courts to determine whether an Act of Parliament violates an individual’s convention rights, both schedule 6 and section 292d of the Scotland Act 1998 gave the same power to the Scottish courts to invalidate Acts of the Scottish. Jan 24, 2007 · For International Human Rights Day 2015 and to mark Scotland’s National Action Plan’s SNAP second anniversary the Commission is delighted to be publishing this paper, authored by Dr Katie Boyle, examining the legal status of economic, social and cultural rights in Scotland both now and options for the future. Further, there was little evidence of party cooperation and the Scottish Parliament remained peripheral to the policy process even during the minority government of 2007–2011 Cairney, 2011, pp. 39–40; Lundberg, 2012. McAllister and Kay 2010, p. 107 argue that there were fewer expectations for coalition government in Wales. Further, any. The Convener. Item 2 is evidence on the Coronavirus Scotland No 2 Bill. I am pleased to say that we have been joined from the Law Society of Scotland by Michael Clancy, who is its director of law reform, and Gillian Mawdsley, who is a policy officer. Jun 08, 2015 · “A Scottish Parliament is recognised as a permanent part of the United Kingdom’s constitutional arrangements.” That is designed to ensure that the House accepts the permanence of the Scottish Parliament, while maintaining the ultimate sovereignty of the UK Parliament, of which the Scottish people voted to stay a part.

The Conservative Government’s ‘Taking Stock’ exercise after the 1992 election, focused on the powers of the SGC, which were as in 1948 and 1957 again extended; Scottish Secretary Michael Forsyth even proposed allowing majority votes in the SGC to be binding, although this did not win Cabinet approval Torrance, 2006, p. 332.The SNP, meanwhile, targeted the Scottish Standing Committee. The Scottish Parliament Building Scottish Gaelic: Pàrlamaid na h-Alba; Scots: Scots Pairlament Biggin is the home of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, within the UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Edinburgh. Construction of the building commenced in June 1999 and the Members of the Scottish Parliament MSPs held their first debate in the new building on 7 September 2004.

UK Parliament. The UK Parliament has two Houses that work on behalf of UK citizens to check and challenge the work of Government, make and shape effective laws, and debate/make decisions on the big issues of the day. Criticism by Scottish Parliament. The Land Reform Scotland Bill was criticised during its passage by the Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee of the Scottish Parliament on the basis that it granted a significant power to Scottish Minister to implement much of the details of the Act through secondary legislation and delegated powers.

3. Protection of Social Housing Stock 1 Where a property is sold in accordance with the Right to Buy, the local authority must use the revenue from the sale solely for the purpose of increasing and maintaining social housing stock levels where: a Less than 15% of the housing stock within the same local government ward is social housing; and.

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