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These case studies will hopefully be of some use to the Inquiry into Travelling People and Public Sector Policies, and the Committee's Convener, Kate MacLean MSP. The case studies detail the actions of Police, local housing authorities and the general public, with regard to Scottish Travellers, and the problems they face. The Scottish Travellers Consortium is a working partnership between three national voluntary organisations - the Scottish Gypsy/Traveller Association, Save the Children Fund and the Scottish Human Rights Centre - each with a different and complementary interest in the rights and welfare of Travelling People in Scotland. Amnesty International considers Scottish Gypsy Travellers to be a marginalised community that continues to be discriminated against, and it wants an end to the widespread and enduring failure to respect the rights of Scottish Gypsy Travellers. From evidence taken by the Equalities and Human Rights Committee, we know how Gypsy Travellers are. Inquiry into Gypsy Travellers and Public Sector Policies SP Paper 356. 39 Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee. 5 th Report 2005 Session 2. Preliminary Findings on Gypsy/Travellers - Review of Progress SP Paper 432. 40 Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee. Official; Report, 10 March 2009 and 24 March 2009.

Item 2 is continuation of our inquiry into school bullying and other issues affecting Gypsy Travellers in Scotland. That will be the main focus of our business today. I welcome back to the committee Chris Oswald from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission; Michelle Lloyd, who is a programme manager from MECOPP; and Maureen Finn, who is the. Jun 01, 2017 · Inquiry into Gypsy Travellers and Public Sector Policies. Volume 1 2001 Inquiry into Gypsy Travellers and Public Sector Policies. Volume 2: Evidence Terminology The term Gypsy/Traveller is used throughout this paper. This is based on the recommendation from the 2001 inquiry that the term should be capitalised, as well as. This inquiry Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee, 1st Report 2001 – Inquiry into Gypsy Travellers and Public Sector policies, Vols 1 and 2 made a total of 37 recommendations, designed to improve service provision to gypsies/travellers regarding a whole spectrum of public service provision intended to improve health. Scottish Gypsy Travellers in Scotland over many years. But in post-devolution Scotland, a clear watershed was the Inquiry into Gypsy Travellers and public sector policies by the Equal Opportunities Committee EOC of the Scottish Parliament in 2000/01. This Inquiry’s recommendations fed into. Following the report by the Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee regarding public sector policies towards Gypsy Travellers [68] a number of recommendations were made that were designed to assist in the social inclusion of the community. One in particular has special relevance regarding the ethnic status of the community.

2 What we know about inequalities facing Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities Gypsy and Traveller communities in the UK. 10. Gypsy and Traveller people have been present in England since at least the 16th Century and the first recorded mention of Gypsies in England can be found in a document from 1514. 4 It has been suggested that the term “Gypsy” was coined due to a misapprehension that. Parliament published its Inquiry into Gypsy Travellers and Public Sector Policies Scottish Parliament 2001a/b. The inquiry had started in the summer of 2000 after various agencies and Scottish Gypsy/Travellers gave evidence indicating that anti-Gypsy/Traveller.

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