Internal Stresses in Heterogeneous Solids (Physical Research) Wolfgang Pompe »

Jul 01, 1995 · Thermoelastic constants kGPn p.GPa A 103 WC 389 292 -3.0 Co 167 77 -6.0 Residual stresses in particulate composites 1117 with the assumption that internal stresses do not relax by creep of Co below To = 800 K, i.e. we have put T- Ty = - 500 K. Additional Physical Format: Online version: Kreher, Wolfgang. Internal stresses in heterogeneous solids. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1989 OCoLC610327772. Jan 01, 1992 · Therefore it is obvious for the under- standing of reinforced composites that the interac- tion between crack propagation and residual stresses should be analysed very carefully. 3 Determination of Residual Stresses The theory of internal stresses in heterogeneous solids is a very complex topic which cannot be discussed in the scope of this paper. Wolfgang S. Kreher; Conference paper. Due to the random crystal arrangement the internal stresses become random quantities which, in general, have to be described by probability distributions. W. Kreher and W. Pompe, Internal stresses in heterogeneous solids, Physical research, Volume 9, Akademie Verlag, Berlin.

Jun 26, 2017 · The mechanical response of two-phase materials during plastic co-deformation is examined with a particular emphasis on the role of the internal stresses developed during deformation. A framework is developed to describe the accumulation of these internal stresses during plastic co-deformation in terms of a small number of physical parameters. Kreher, W. and Pompe, W.: Field fluctuations in a heterogeneous elastic material — an information theory approach, J.Mech.Phys.Solids, 33 1985 419–45. MathSciNet ADS. Dec 01, 1996 · Fluctuating microstructural stresses arise because of the elastic anisotropy and the anisotropic thermal expansion of constituent crystals. Due to the. Jun 01, 2016 · It is generally assumed that the internal stress distribution in foods under high pressure processing HPP is uniform, which may not be true for solid foods with hard inclusions, like meats with bones or for particulate foods. Our objective was to simulate the internal stress distribution during HPP of a model heterogeneous solid food made.

PHYSICAL REVIEW E 83, 051603 2011 Interplay of internal stresses, electric stresses, and surface diffusion in polymer films Fabien Closa, Falko Ziebert, and Elie Rapha¨el Laboratoire de Physico-Chimie Theorique–UMR CNRS Gulliver 7083,´. [Aber1] R. Abermann, H.P. Martinez, “Internal stress and structure of evaporated chromium and MgF2 films and their dependence on substrate temperature”, Thin Solid Films 115, p. 185 – 194, 1984. Mar 15, 1993 · Acknowledgments The authors are grateful to Dr. Wolfgang Kreher from the Max-Planck-Research Group for Mechanics and Heterogeneous Solids in Dresden for helpful discussions. Columbus, OH 432019. 13 W. Kreher and W. Pompe, Internal Stresses in Heterogeneous Solids, Physical Research, Vol. 9, Akademie-Verlag, Berlin, 1989, Chapter 4.3. 14 C.

Internal Stresses in Heterogeneous Solids (Physical Research) Wolfgang Pompe

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