Linear Operators and Matrices: The Peter Lancaster Anniversary Volume (Operator Theory: Advances and Applications) »

In September 1998, during the 'International Workshop on Analysis and Vibrat­ ing Systems' held in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, it was decided by a group of participants to honour Peter Lancaster on the occasion of his 70th birthday with a volume in the series 'Operator Theory: Advances and Applications'. This volume is dedicated to Peter Lancaster, an expert in operator and matrix theory, numerical analysis and applications. It contains a selection of research papers in linear algebra. Peter Lancaster Calgary, Canada Peter D. Lax New York, NY, USA Bernd Silbermann Chemnitz, Germany Harold Widom Santa Cruz, CA, USA Subseries. Linear Operators and Linear Systems. Subseries editors: Daniel Alpay Orange, CA, USA Birgit Jacob Wuppertal, Germany André C.M. Ran Amsterdam, The Netherlands Subseries. Advances in Partial.

Summary: This volume is dedicated to Peter Lancaster, an outstanding expert in operator and matrix theory, numerical analysis and applications, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. The book contains a selection of recent original research papers in linear algebra and analysis, areas in which Peter Lancaster was very active. The Gohberg Anniversary Collection Volume I: The Calgary Conference and Matrix Theory Papers and Volume II: Topics in Analysis and Operator Theory. Authors: Dym, Lancaster, Goldberg, Kaashoek. Free Preview.

Linear Operators and Matrices, The Peter Lancaster Anniversary Volume, Operator Theory: Advances and Applications,130, 2001, 235-254 with H. Langer and B. van de Rotten. ps-file. 77. Minimal nonsquare spectral factors via factorizations of unitary functions; Linear Algebra and its Applications 351-352 2002, 567-583 with M.A. Petersen. ps-file. 78. The Gohberg Anniversary Collection Volume II: Topics in Analysis and Operator Theory. Editors: Goldberg, Seymour, Kaashoek, Marinus A., Lancaster, Peter Eds. Free.

The Israel Gohberg Anniversary Volume. Editors view affiliations Israel Gohberg. Part of the Operator Theory: Advances and Applications book series OT, volume 160 Log in to check access. Most of them are directly related to lectures presented at the Fourteenth International Workshop on Operator Theory and its Applications IWOTA 2003. the continuous analogue of the resultant, Modern Operator Theory and Applications. The Igor Borisovich Simonenko Anniversary Volume, Operator Theory, vol. 170, Birkhauser Verlag,¨.

Theory and Applications of Volterra Operators in Hilbert Space. Amer Mathematical Society. I. C. Gohberg, M. G. Krein. Year:. The Peter Lancaster Anniversary Volume. Birkhäuser Basel. Peter Lancaster. Recent advances in operator theory and its applications: the Israel Gohberg anniversary volume: International Workshop on Operator Theory. I. Gohberg and H. Langer, Linear Operators and Matrices: The Peter Lan- caster Anniversary Volume Operator Theory: Advances and Applica- tions, Birkh¨auser-Verlag, Berlin, 2002.

Much of the importance of mathematics lies in its ability to provide theories which are useful in widely different fields of endeavor. A good example is the large and amorphous body of knowledge known as “the theory of linear operators” or “operator theory”, which came to life about a century ago as a theory to encompass properties common to matrix, differential, and integral operators. [et al.]; Peter Lancaster, editor. Linear operators and matrices: the Peter Lancaster anniversary volume: Mathematics: models of the real world: Matrices and indefinite scalar products: Matrix polynomials: On analytic perturbation theory: On constituent matrices: A panorama of modern operator theory and related topics: the Israel Gohberg.

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