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Aug 17, 2004 · Duttlinger German, Wadham College, Oxford introduces a dozen papers selected from a conference held in 2002 at the University of Cambridge that apply the critical theory concepts of performance and performativity to German cultural studies. Though the German language has no single equivalent for performance, English- and German-speaking scholar. The Category of 'Performativity' in Three Postdramatic German Theatre-Texts / David Barnett --Beyond the Body Politic: Reconsidering Performance and the State in Heiner Muller's Versions of Medea / Uta Staiger --Envisioning the Homosexual: Gender Performance, Photography, and the Modernist Homosexual Aesthetic / David Prickett --'Ein einsames. The essays cover a range of performance media theatre, film, performance art, photography as well as the representation of turns or acts of performance in literary texts from Goethe to key contemporary writers. Together, they indicate exciting new ways forward for German Cultural Studies. Dec 19, 2012 · Explication 3 Performativity and performance are interdisciplinary concepts that have emerged in linguistics and the philosophy of language, in performance, theater and literary studies, as well as in ethnology, sociology and cultural studies Loxley 2007.

Carolin Duttlinger, Lucia Ruprecht, Andrew Webber Hg.: Performance and Performativity in German Cultural Studies. Performativity and performance are interdisciplinary concepts that have emerged in linguistics and the philosophy of language, in performance, theater and literary studies, as well as in ethnology, sociology and cultural studies Loxley Loxley, James 2007. As you expand your German language skills, you will also begin to deepen your understanding of German influence in all parts of the world. In the German program, you will study areas such as: linguistics, literary and cultural studies, film, theatre, and performance; multiculturalism and intercultural competence.

“Performance of Metaphor: The Body as Text – Text Implantation in Body Images.” Performance and Performativity in German Cultural Studies. Ed. Carolin Duttlinger, Lucia Ruprecht, and Andrew Webber. Oxford et al.: Peter Lang. 2003. 241-55. “Anti-Rhetorik und irrationale Interaktionsmuster in den Debatten der 90er Jahre”. The cultural dynamics of Europe are impacted by post colonial connections, current migration and intercultural communication in the course of deglobalization. To prepare you for research in this field, you will receive training in interdisciplinary cultural theory and methods with a. Oct 10, 2016 · Judith Butler’s Concept of Performativity By Nasrullah Mambrol on October 10, 2016 • 7. Claiming that “Identity is performatively constituted”, Judith Butler in her path breaking Gender Trouble 1990 formulated a postmodernist notion of gender, in line with the deconstructive ethos and contradictory to the traditional notion’, that genders are fixed categories. Performativity is a concept that can be thought of as a language which functions as a form of social action and has the effect of change. The concept has multiple applications in diverse fields such as anthropology, social and cultural geography, economics, gender studies, law, linguistics, performance studies, history, management studies and philosophy. The concept is first described by philosopher of language John L.

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