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Parliamentary History of Community Care & Health Scotland Act 2002. The following table sets out, for each Stage of the proceedings in the Scottish Parliament on the Bill for this Act, the dates on which proceedings at that Stage took place, the references to the Official Report of those proceedings and the dates on which Committee Reports were published and the references to those Reports. a Subordinate Legislation Committee; 5 th Meeting, 2002: 5th February 2002, cols. 769-772 6 February 2002: Report on Community Care & Health Scotland Bill As Amended At Stage 2: SP Paper 505 b Consideration by the Parliament; 6 February 2002: cols. 6066-6113: Royal Assent – 12 th March 2002. Monday 16 September 2002 Section C: Agendas of Committee Meetings Subordinate Legislation Committee 17 September 2002 25th Meeting, 2002 The Committee will meet at 11.15 am in Committee Room 3 1. Delegated powers scrutiny: The Committee will consider the response from the Scottish Executive to points raised on the following Bill—. Community Care and Health Scotland Act 2002 Commencement No 3 Order 2004 SSI 2004/33 Public Appointments and Public Bodies etc Scotland Act 2003 Commencement No 4 Amendment Order 2004 SSI 2004/45 Minute of Proceedings: 6th Meeting, 2004.

I move amendment S1M-3106.1, to leave out from first "welcomes" to end and insert: "regrets that the sustainability of investment in health is dependent solely on decisions taken by Her Majesty's Government rather than determined by the Scottish Parliament; agrees that reform in the delivery of health care is essential if we are to create a. Pusztai's webpage information regarding submissions for the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Community Care Committee and copies of responses Made: 2003 part of archive: GM Archive / Professor Derek Burke archive of genetically modified foods and crop research and industry. 26 Mar 2001 13th Report 2001: Subordinate Legislation. 16 Mar 2001 12th Report 2001: Subordinate Legislation. Community Care and Health Scotland Bill at Stage 1 School Education Amendment Scotland Bill. Plant Health Great Britain Amendment Scotland Order 2001 SSI 2001/249. HEALTH AND SPORT COMMITTEE AGENDA 2nd Meeting, 2010 Session 3 Wednesday 20 January 2010 The Committee will meet at 10.00 am in Committee Room 2. 1. Subordinate legislation: The Committee will consider the following negative instruments— The Food Enzymes Scotland Regulations 2009 SSI 2009/435. Plant Health Great Britain Amendment Scotland Order 2004 SSI 2004/440. Subordinate Legislation - Scottish Outdoor Access Code: Proposed Code SE 2004/101. Papers pdf Official Report: 13th Meeting, 2004 Organic Action Plan Subordinate Legislation - Special Waste Amendment Scotland Amendment Regulations 2004 SSI 2004/204.

The Committee draws this evidence and its concern to the attention of the UKBA, and also to the the Secretary of State for Scotland who indicated to the Committee Convener at a meeting with Scottish Parliament Committee Conveners on 17 June 2010, that he would pursue any concerns the Committee has with the UKBA. Source: Scottish Government, Government Expenditure and Revenue Statistics GERS 20. 46. However, the UK Government state that the Scotland Bill would, as shown in Table 2 below, mean that for this fiscal year 2011/12, 30.8% of current expenditure would be funded by taxes decided and raised in Scotland, compared to 13.8% under the status quo. The Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee highlighted to us in a letter that it would be beneficial, in the interests of effective scrutiny, if the Scottish Government would review, and report to the Scottish Parliament on, all subordinate legislation made in response to the coronavirus emergency, whether it is made under the provisions of. Agenda item 2 is stage 1 consideration of the Damages Investment Returns and Periodical Payments Scotland Bill. I welcome to the committee Kate Donachie, Forum of Insurance Lawyers; Alan Rogerson, Forum of Scottish Claims Managers; Norma Shippin, director and legal adviser, and Joy Atterbury, head of litigation, NHS National Services Scotland; and, finally but not least, James Dalton. The form of the test of necessity that we have gone for was first raised in a report by the House of Lords Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee. Both the Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee of the Scottish Parliament and this committee recommended in their interim reports on the withdrawal bill that it should include such a test.


This article is about the present-day legislature. For the building housing it, see Scottish Parliament Building.For the national legislature before 1707, see Parliament of Scotland. Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee Tuesday 29 April 2014 [The Convener opened the meeting at 09:45] Subordinate Legislation The Convener Duncan McNeil: Good morning and welcome to the 13th meeting in 2014 of the Health and Sport Committee. As usual, I ask everyone in the room to switch off their mobile. Primary legislation is the general term embracing main laws passed by the legislative bodies of the United Kingdom such as Acts of Parliament, Acts of pre-UK Parliaments, Acts of the Scottish Parliament, Measures of the national Assembly for Wales, Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly and Church of England Measures passed by the General Synod.

The Scottish Parliament - Equal Opportunities Committee Report.

Committees consider policy issues, scrutinise government work, expenditure, and examine proposals for primary and secondary legislation. See what is happening today in both Houses, read previous debates in Hansard and get the latest select committee reports. Explore research from the parliamentary libraries and find out how to.

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