Subordinate Legislation 2003: Transport and the Environment Committee 5th: Report (Scottish Parliament Papers) Great Britain: Scottish Parliament »

Scottish Parliament Subordinate Legislation Committee: consultation on Inquiry into the Regulatory Framework in Scotland. The Regulatory Reform Committee of the House of Commons ‘the Committee’ is pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the Subordinate Legislation Committee’s inquiry into the regulatory framework in Scotland. Oct 07, 2003 · Scottish Parliament. Local Government and Transport Committee. Tuesday 7 October 2003 Afternoon[THE CONVENER opened the meeting at 13:55]. Item in private. The Convener Bristow Muldoon: I call to order the sixth meeting of the Local Government and Transport Committee in this session.The first thing that we have to consider is whether we wish to take item 5 in private. The Official Report is the substantially verbatim transcript of the meetings of the Scottish Parliament and its. Those regulations were recommended to Parliament following a debate in the Transport and the Environment Committee on 4 March 2003, and were approved on 13 March 2003. Both the Subordinate Legislation Committee and the. Subordinate Legislation. Financial Assistance for Environmental Purposes Scotland Order 2002 SSI 2002/83 The Convener: I welcome members of the press and public to this meeting of the Transport and the Environment Committee. Item 5 is consideration of two negative instruments.

Subordinate Legislation - Scottish Outdoor Access Code: Proposed Code SE 2004/101 Sustainable Development Subordinate Legislation - Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Scotland Regulations 2004 SSI 2004/258 Shrimp Fishing Nets Scotland Order 2004 SSI 2004/261. Members of the Scottish Parliament acknowledge the priority that transport should be given. There must therefore be good transport legislation and the bill has the potential to become a good piece of transport legislation. I stress the word "potential", because of. The Subordinate Legislation Committee is the Parliament's watchdog; its job is to ensure that the powers that are introduced in bills, which might be conferred on ministers, are reasonable and that, at all times, the proper role of Parliament is safeguarded. It is funding schools, hospitals, local government, environmental protection, and yes, transport, Mr MacAskill; Scottish taxes funding Scottish schools and hospitals. The SNP's so-called budget for independence—there is a laugh—that was produced in the run-up to the election included the full 6 per cent fuel duty escalator up to 2003-04. Back to the Scottish Parliament: Reports and Meetings 2001: Archive Home. Proceedings Sessions 1 & 2. Committees Sessions 1, 2 & 3. Annual reports. Reports 2001. 20 Dec 2001 45th Report 2001: Report on Subordinate Legislation. 14 Dec 2001 44th Report 2001: Report on Subordinate Legislation. Great Britain Amendment Scotland Order.

Subordinate Legislation 2003: Transport and the Environment Committee 5th: Report (Scottish Parliament Papers) Great Britain: Scottish Parliament

examine Scottish Parliament legislation once it had been in existence for a decade. 2. H e. to be referred to the Subordinate Legislation Committee, which was. 5th Report, Session 2001-02. In column 1019 of the Official Report of the Transport and the Environment Committee meeting on 27 September 2000, it can be seen that Kenny MacAskill tried three times to get information from the minister on what would happen if a Scottish representative in the current process was unable to persuade his or her colleagues not to proceed.

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